Relaxing Restrictions

The state of emergency is being lifted for many parts of Japan. It will remain in place here in Tokyo, but it’s due to be lifted at the end of the month. I’m still not sure how I feel about how we are dealing with the coronavirus in Japan. We are testing at a much lower rate than many countries but the number of people dying is also much lower. Currently that number is 713. And that’s in total since the middle of January, not a daily rate which is what it sounds like when I am talking to my overseas family who are in places where hundreds of people are still dying each day.

Here the lockdown has been much softer than many places. The main focus has been on tracking down clusters – giving us the phrase cluster busters. And to avoid the “Three Cs”.

Explanation of the Three Cs

We have also been given guidelines on how to properly wash our hands, coughing manners, and how to wear masks correctly. Cloth masks are being sent out to every household. We have received our two masks, but not everyone I know has gotten these yet.

Government Guidance to Prevent Infectious Disease Spread

I do not like wearing masks. At the minute it’s 82F (28C) outside and I find it harder to breath with a mask on. The Japanese government is already sending out warnings about what it means to do things in hot weather wearing a mask. But when I look at how awful the situation is in other big cities, like New York, I’m going to put up with wearing a mask as it does seem to be helping to prevent the spread of the disease in Tokyo.

One Response to “Relaxing Restrictions”

  1. Ann Pauley Says:

    The Japanese Government’s guidance to prevent spread of infection is excellent. Simple, sensible, straightforward And successful in keeping the death toll low in Japan. Unfortunately the UK government’s shambolic handling of the pandemic has resulted in the highest death toll in Europe