Christmas Holidays

After a rather hectic December I’m just about to leave the office until New Year. The next couple of days will be busy with family and friends to visit. I also have an ice skating exam in the morning which I’m not looking forward to. But after that I’m planning on spending a few days reading and watching all the films I meant to see during the year.

Merry Christmas!

YAPC::Asia 2006

Marty and I are going to be in Tokyo during YAPC::Asia as Marty is taking me to Tokyo to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. When I asked him about this coincidence he told me it was destiny.

Now I need to decide if I want to submit a talk. Going to a YAPC might not be the most romantic thing to do on this trip but since we are going to be in the area it would be a shame to miss it.

Too Busy to Blog

I keep meeting people who tell me that things should be winding down as it’s nearly Christmas. But I appear to be busier than ever. I have been out every night this week and tonight I’m going to the BLUG Christmas dinner.

It’s been a very strange week. But I did find out that I’ve passed my law exam.