Proleek Dolmen

On the 21st June Tony and I went looking for Proleek Dolmen. Although we had read about this on the Mythical Ireland site and Tony had seen road signs for this in the past we couldn’t find it. I ended up going into the Tourist Information Bureau in Dundalk to get directions and was told that the Dolmen was at the Ballymacscanlon House Hotel. If you do go looking for it you may have to get directions from reception in the hotel as it isn’t clearly sign posted in the hotel grounds.

Proleek Dolmen

I Love Books

This has been a great month for books. I bought myself 10 novels for my birthday and Tony took me to a second-hand bookshop sale where I bought another 16 non-fiction books. I only have two of the novels left to read but still have quite a lot of the non-fiction to get through. At the minute my bedside reading list looks like this:

I have been waiting 6 years for Katharine Kerr to release book 12 in her Deverry series and now just need to decide whether a should re-read the first 11 books before reading the new one.

Working as a Foreign Student in Japan

I was reading about studying in Japan and was really surprised to come across the following:

It is strictly prohibited for foreign students to work in an entertainment service establishment that may affect public morals such as bars or cabarets where you serve customers at the table. This includes even doing dishwashing or cleaning work at pachinko or mahjong parlors.” [Study in Japan]

Birthday Bliss

This year I had my most relaxing birthday. Marty took me to the Culloden for the weekend and I got to spend the morning of my birthday at the spa. Marty wasn’t quite sure what a spa was or what sort of treatments he could get but I think after his all over body massage that he’s quite keen to go back!