Back Home

Tokyo is sweltering hot, so I’m glad that I haven’t needed to go out much since I got back. I enjoyed the cool air of Glasgow and the course I studied there. I got to observe an experienced Director working with a new cast, dance the Gay Gordons, sing in Gaelic, and play a number of characters including a goat. Playing a goat was a lot of fun as I don’t often get to be just that playful on stage.

Now that I am back I need to work on my plan for the upcoming year. I will be working as vocal director on TTFC’s upcoming show The Weirdest Kid I Know. I’ll also be working with TIP Youth again this season, though at this stage we don’t know which musicals we will be working on. I’m still waiting to hear if I will be directing for Tokyo International Players in their upcoming season.

I am still studying, and my current unit focuses on vocal registers. Getting time to study, with my rehearsal schedule, is difficult, but I am learning a lot and I’m glad that I started the course.