New Year's Eve

My grandmother always told me that you should only do fun things on New Year’s Eve because these would be the things that you would find yourself doing over and over again in the New Year. Tonight I’m cooking, cleaning and entertaining guests. I’m sure Marty would be thrilled if he thought I would spend 2005 cooking and cleaning but it really isn’t going to happen.

Happy New Year!

Since we've no place to go...

Waking up on Christmas morning to snow did make everything look magical. It also made it really difficult to get anywhere on time on Christmas day. But we still managed to deliver all our presents to our families. My little sister screamed with delight when she saw the pink furry boots we had bought her. Hideous things but they made Sarah happy.

Marty and I opened up our presents this afternoon. We got bought some great gifts and a few others that still remain a mystery. My dad bought me some sort of metal linked chain with a hoop at the end of it. Marty thinks it’s a necklace but I’m really not sure. One of my gifts from Marty was a book called Feng Shite: A little book of house messing. Don’t know why he thought I needed the book – I thought I’d already perfected this art.

For the first time ever I’ve been bought items from my Amazon wishlist. I’m going to have to keep this up to date. As I’d never been bought anything from this before I used it more as a holding page for books I was going to buy myself rather than anything I expected other people to look at. Thankfully Marty told me that his family were going to be using this so I was able to clear out all the books I’d already bought from other places.

This year was also the year for duplicate presents. I bought my grandparents a DVD player only to find out on Christmas Eve that my uncle had also bought them a DVD player. I bought Tony a book called The Strange Laws of Old England. Before I wrapped this Marty picked it up and started to read part of it to me. The story he was reading sounded really familiar. Tony had been talking about the same thing one day earlier in the week. At first I thought this was just a coincidence but the more Marty read the more familiar it all sounded. Yes Tony and I had bought each other the same book for Christmas. He had also bought himself a copy which he had already finished reading.

The results of my law exam arrived on Christmas Eve. It’s a terrible day to get results but thankfully I passed. And Marc I do realise that I’m still a girly swot – but tonight I just don’t care!

Diet Tip

In an earlier post I have mentioned that Marty and I are trying to cut back on the amount of food we eat. As part of this we have a competition each month to see who can lose the most weight. For the first time since we started this I am winning. It seems that food poisoning closely followed by the flu will really help if you want to eat less.