Walking in the Rain

One of the good things about growing up with a rainy climate is that I rarely consider not doing something because it’s raining. Yesterday we wanted go and see the Tokyo Sky Tree, which we reckoned was about 40 minutes walk away. I’m not sure exactly how long it took us to get there but it was an enjoyable walk even with the fairly heavy rain.

The Sky Tree is not complete but it is now taller than Tokyo Tower. This makes it nice and easy to find, even for someone like me with no sense of direction.

Tokyo Sky Tree - Under Construction

Tokyo Sky Tree - Under Construction

Today I walked along the river for an hour in the rain.  This wasn’t something I’d planned but it was overcast, not warm or cold, and the rain was light.  It was almost perfect walking weather.  I want to make the most of  being outside before Japanese summer hits as it will bring torrential rain that even I want to hide from.

Lack of Blogging

I realise that I have been very quiet lately. I have had a head cold for the past few days which has made it difficult for me to concentrate. Even today I’m still not 100%. I know that I have done quite a bit in May but I am having difficulty remembering specific events apart from a trip to Hong Kong at the beginning of the month. Hopefully over the next few days I’ll start to feel more like myself and my memory will improve!

View from Hotel Room in Hong Kong Island

View from Hotel Room

Summer Bedding

It actually felt like spring today.  I was able to hang out the laundry and get the summer bedding ready.  Last year we put the winter quilt away at the end of March but we’ve had a very cold April.  I’m hopeful that spring has finally arrived.

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  1. Mark Fowler Says:

    Two days ago we turned off the heating for the summer.

    This morning I turned it back on again…