Cheap Flights

I had collected a lot of frequent flier points with BMI, and today was a good time to use them to get flights for Karen and me. Recently Tony has been investigating BMI points and had given us some advice. The strangest bit was “when you phone them, if a guy answers, hang up; only talk to the girls”. Apparently the men are useless.

My experience tonight supports that claim. When I first called them a guy answered, but I didn’t hang up. I asked for flights on dates that I knew had available seats for points (since I had checked on the ANA site; another bit of advice from Tony). But, with barely a pause to enter the information, the guy said there was absolutely no availability on those dates. He didn’t suggest any other options. So I hung up.

I immediately hit redial, and this time spoke to a girl who happily helped me get the flights I wanted.