Death of the Dragon

My pet bearded dragon died this morning. :(

I called him Chow Yun Fat-Boy; Karen called him Spike.

Yesterday he was looking happy and peaceful, sitting on top of a log. He would changed colour depending on his mood, and yesterday evening he was more yellow than usual. I thought that was a good sign.

This morning I noticed that his beard and tail tip were black but his middle was yellow, and that was a combination I had never seen before. His mouth was open, and when I looked more closely I could see that he wasn’t breathing.

I think I’ll go and shed some tears now.


  1. Poor wee devil. And poor wee Marty.

    He had a good life, and brought happiness to you (and a mild fear to my children, if I recall correctly.)

    How old was he? A goodly age for a dragon?

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