Parcelforce s/o/a/

My server is still missing!

I tried to contact Parcelforce yesterday morning, phoning every 20 minutes for over 2 hours. Each time I was told, by a recorded message, to call again later. I also tried email, to no effect. Their “phone me” link on their website seemed a bit more promising: I received a call less than 5 seconds after submitting the form. But this call was from another machine that kept me on hold for 22 minutes before letting me talk to a person.

The person (Dave) took my details and then gave me the same details I had already seen on the tracking website. He then told me he would contact the “search team” who would call me within the next two hours.

Six hours later, Steve from the search team called to say he would contact the local depot, but he wouldn’t get a response until Wednesday.

Steve called back today. The local depot had told him that they had attempted delivery on Saturday. I told him that they were either lying or had attempted to deliver to the wrong address: Redbus have 24-hour security who would have been there to accept the parcel.

My server is still missing!