Cheque out

Today I tried to open a current account for a local users group, and I discovered that most of the banks suck.

I assume that the Northern Bank sucks, as I was advised not to go near it at all.

The Nationwide didn’t suck: they were friendly and clueful, but unfortunately none of their accounts were actually suitable.

Of the banks I tried, the First Trust is the worst. In the first branch, nobody spoke to me at all. I tried another branch where someone did try to help, but quickly admitted that he had no idea how to open an account for a society, and he might phone me next week if he found out.

The HSBC also didn’t know what to do, but they were a bit faster and more polite.

The Bank of Ireland did know about suitable accounts, and told me what I needed to do, but they seemed to want me to just go away, so I did.

The Ulster Bank were awkward, but they tried to help, answered questions, and gave me the forms I needed. They were the least sucky.

The day was saved by the Alliance & Leicester, who were helpful, friendly, answered all my questions, and gave me a glossy /Clubs and Societies/ brochure with all the details and forms. They were the only bank who seemed pleased that I wanted an account with them, so they can have it.