TyreServe can’t

New Year’s Eve, somebody slashed 3 of my tyres while my car was in a car park in Belfast. We suspect it might have been the car park staff, but we can’t prove that.

I phoned the AA and they sent someone out to take us home, with car; they tried to get replacement tyres, but couldn’t find any.

I phoned them early yesterday morning to see if they could help, and they arranged to send TyreServe to help. TyreServe phoned me back and promised to be here at 11:30, so I waited.

At 11:30 TyreServe phoned again and said they were on their way. 25 minutes later the TyreServe man in the van phoned to say he was about 15 minutes away. I asked where he was, and he said he had just left the M6. This concerned me, as we don’t have an M6 in Northern Ireland! I explained this to him; he sounded confused and promised that someone would get back to me. They never did.

I called the AA again, told them what had happened, received more empty promises, complained, waited until 14:00, and then got the train.

TyreServe suck!

This morning I phoned ATS who promised to fit my new tyres at 9:30, and they did. I also discovered that the AA used to ask ATS to fit tyres until they bought TyreServe.