Over the last few years Tokyo DisneyLand has been transforming into Tokyo Disney Resort. In May last year they had build a new hotel and some shops, and were working on another hotel, the monorail, more shops, and Disney Sea. So today we went to see how it all looked now that they’re finished.

I’ve been trying to work out why they named the new park “Disney Sea”. It does have a watery theme throughout, although you still mostly walk between the attractions. I think that the name was thought of before the park was designed, and it was named because they build the park on reclaimed land where the sea used to be.

I have seen two of the attractions (Indiana Jones and 20000 Leagues under the sea) in other Disney parks, but everything else seems to be unique to this park. This is also the most beautiful of all the Disney parks throughout the world, but I assume that is because it is the newest: Disney just seem to be getting better at making their parks.

The queues were quite long; some attractions had 2 hour waiting times. We got some FastPasses for “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, and then went to find some of the less popular things.

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