Icthyosaur Park

I’ve just bought some food for my reptiles: a bag of small locusts (there were no big ones left) for Chow Yun Fat-boy (aka Spike) the bearded dragon, and a nice big mouse for SCSI the corn snake.

Yesterday I watched a documentary about aquatic dinosaurs. One of the paleontologists was talking about part of Icthyosaur Park where the fossils of at least 14 icthyosaurs were found together. They went on to provide several theories to explain how and why these creatures were found together. They then mentioned an old (Native American) Indian legend about the nearby lake: it used to contain many enormous fish that all disappeared after something large hit it. Of course, the paleontologists immediately disregarded the legend since people didn’t evolve until many millions of years after the dinosaurs disappeared. If this is true, why do so many different cultures throughout the world have legends, and detailed descriptions, of dragons?