Back in Tokyo

I was useless at blogging while I was in Europe.  I had so many people that I wanted to catch up with that I didn’t have much time to spend on my computer.  I’ve been home for a week but I still haven’t managed to get into a routine, which was not helped by spending all of Tuesday at the clinic having a comprehensive health check.  It was an odd experience.  I had more tests carried out in one day that I’ve had done in the past five years.  Some of them were horribly invasive and others much stranger than I was expecting.  No-one warned me that during a barium x-ray I would end up on a table hanging on by my hands so that I wouldn’t fall on my head!  The table kept tilting me into odd positions and it wasn’t easy holding on with an arm that had been subjected to multiple blood tests earlier in the afternoon.  I also wasn’t expecting the ultra-sound to be painful but it seems that to find my kidneys and liver you have to push really hard.  It will be interesting to see the test results though I’ll have to wait for a about a month for those.

I’m hoping that things get back to whatever normal is in the next week but I suppose with the holidays coming up it’s not that likely.