YAPC::Asia Lightening Talk Submitted

I submitted my 10 Things To Do With A Conference T-shirt talk to YAPC::Asia.  I could give this talk in English, but I’ve been in Japan for over three years now and I think it’s time to attempt a Japanese talk.  There is no way that I am ready to give a full-length talk in Japanese but I should be able to manage 5 minutes.

I have written the talk description in Japanese, which I will include in this post, and today I started translating the talk.  There is no way that I can ad lib in Japanese so this is going to be my most prepared talk I have given since I stopped doing public speaking competitions!



2 Responses to “YAPC::Asia Lightening Talk Submitted”

  1. Shawn M Moore Says:


  2. karen Says:

    Yes, I get to learn all sorts of fun words like scissors and sewing machine. Still have more than half the talk to write…