Talk Proposal

I have a love / hate relationship with public speaking.  I often think that it’s a great idea to speak at conferences but as the events approach my fear of public speaking kicks in, I feel overwhelmed, and can’t understand why I ever thought that speaking was a good idea.  My stage fright begins weeks before the event and it makes it very hard for me to rehearse my talks or to even think about them in advance. As I am aware I have this problem I usually complete all the required work on putting together a presentation months before the events start.  But I’ve messed up.

I’ve been trying to write a talk proposal for the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop for days now, but since the event takes place in about two weeks I feel anxious about a talk I haven’t written and that hasn’t even been accepted for the workshop!  I know I can get past these feelings but it’s difficult and I can surprise myself with the lengths I will go to avoid working on the talk, lengths that include writing blog posts instead of writing talks.

4 Responses to “Talk Proposal”

  1. mikegrb Says:

    Just remember, it’s just a conversation with friends.

  2. Niall Says:

    Might we assume that you mean public speaking in the first sentence …?

  3. karen Says:

    Ha! Yes, I think I’ll change that. Made me laugh though and also made me wonder if Marty, who proof read that post, noticed and decided not to tell me…

  4. Norwin Says:

    I was surprised at how lovely Pittsburgh was. Talk about rivers and trees and tell them their city is nice and I’m sure they’ll love you.