Pear Pudding and Flapjacks

Now that I’m back home I’ve started baking again.  I wanted to make an apple sponge pudding but this is Japanese pear season and apples are hard to find.  I actually prefer pears to apples but I’m not really sure how to cook them.  I still struggle with the fact that fruit and vegetables in Tokyo are seasonal.  I know that this a good thing and that seasonal fruit has more nutrients but it causes problems when I want to bake.

I used Jamie Oliver’s Apple Sponge Pudding recipe only with pears.  I wasn’t overly pleased with the pudding.  The pears were fine, though they take longer to stew than apples.  But the sponge wasn’t spongy.  It reminded me of a pancake more than a sponge.  So, it was certainly good enough to eat but not what I wanted.  What I really wanted was the sponge that my friend made for me when I was in Holland (so maybe I should have taken down the recipe whilst he was baking.) Looks like I’m going to have to find some other recipes and try this again.

Tonight Marty made flapjacks.  They aren’t bad but they are too sweet.  Japanese desserts are never that sweet and we have become accustomed to eating things with less sugar in them.  The flapjacks do have potential.  I’m going to make them again but I’m going to replace the butter with a fruit puree, and remove nearly all the sugar.  I may add some honey for sweetness, but I’ll know better about that when I can actually taste the mixture.

4 Responses to “Pear Pudding and Flapjacks”

  1. Norwin! Says:

    That’s two posts that have included the removal of butter from cooking!
    But butter is a wonderful ingredient, and a very natural one, being made out of only milk and salt.
    Don’t take out the butter! Enjoy it! Almost every kind of cooking is better with butter.
    (Not that I know anything about cooking. But I know what I like 🙂

  2. karen Says:

    Butter is great, but 100 grams of butter contains about 740 calories while 100 grams of banana contains around 85 calories. So, I want to be able to bake my cake and eat it…

    I also want to replace the butter was other natural ingredients, and not some horrible fake fat thing. So I have been looking at making fruit purees and fruit butters to do that.

  3. Norwin! Says:

    Fruit Butter!! What manner of thing is this??

  4. karen Says:

    Really it’s just fruit, and doesn’t contain any butter at all.