Karaoke Queens

On Friday evening we took my two sisters and Ashleigh, our current house guests, out to sing karaoke. Both Christine and Sarah have done this before but it was Ashleigh’s first time.  There is no doubt that karaoke in Japan is all about having fun and we spent a lot of our time laughing.  Sarah and Ashleigh have no idea of the difficulty of any song and I think they were a bit surprised by how difficult it is to sing like Lady Gaga.

Ashleigh and Sarah at Karaoke

My sister Christine has a beautiful voice, but we ended up laughing over her song choices. It’s true that sometimes I pick ridiculous songs for the humour value, but Christine actually likes Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”.  And it appears to sing it correctly you have to stand up and make large sweeping gestures with your arms…  She did manage to sing one song that was released this century, Katie Melua’s “The Closest Thing to Crazy”.

Christine, singing about being crazy...

4 Responses to “Karaoke Queens”

  1. Hails Says:

    Ha ha! I’m with Christine. The other week I had people in real despair because I sang not one, but two Connie Francis songs. I can’t help myself. And they were all superior and scornful during Lipstick On Your Collar, but I’m telling you, they fairly started singing along by the end of Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool… 🙂

    I can’t recall singing any songs from this century at karaoke – other than Korean pop songs, because they’re the only Korean ones I know!

  2. karen Says:

    I had to go and look up one of those songs, and I can just hear my sister singing them 🙂

    I do sing some quite new Japanese songs, but also try to sing songs by other recent recording artists. But I do enjoy singing Dionne Warwick’s, “I Say A Little Prayer”.

  3. José Castro Says:

    How miss karaoking with you guys… 🙂

  4. karen Says:

    We miss you too 🙂 And your singing about “teeth”!