Visiting Tux

Over the years we have had quite a few Open Source personalities come to stay with us.  But I wasn’t expecting a visit by a famous soft toy.

Someone came up with the idea, as a thank you to Linus Torvalds, that the Linux community should take a Tux (the Linux mascot) on a world tour.  The tour would start in France and end with Tux being given to Linus at his home in America.  Tux ended up staying with one of my friends in Tokyo who took it with him to the YAPC::Asia conference and also brought it to our apartment for dinner.

Tux, getting comfortable on the sofa

Tux, getting comfortable on the sofa

3 Responses to “Visiting Tux”

  1. Alan in Belfast Says:

    We have a Tux too … and his brother Edo!

  2. Norwin Says:

    Is that the very sofa on which I have also sat??
    I am honoured to have shared a sofa with such a legend!!

  3. karen Says:

    That is the sofa that you sat on. Mind you it’s also the sofa that Larry Wall sat on and he is more of a legend than Tux 🙂