Preparing for YAPC::Asia 2009

I realised this afternoon that this time next week YAPC::Asia will be under way.   Last year I was much more aware of the conference as I volunteered to help out.  This year I’m not planning to do anything other than attend.  The spare room is ready for the guests we know about and I do have another futon or so just in case some of the other foreign visitors decide they want to stay with us.  (With only a week to go it’s possible to imagine that everyone has sorted out things like accommodation but I know from experience that this isn’t always the case in the Perl community.)

Last year YAPC::Asia had more attendees than any other dedicated Perl conference.  With 524 people it was the biggest YAPC ever.  This year the numbers appear to be down (378 the last time I checked) but this may simply be because the other 100 or so who have registered their interest haven’t gotten round to paying for their tickets yet.

As always I’m looking forward to catching up with friends more than attending the actual talks.  But, since the hallway / bar track might be in Japanese, I’ll probably attend more technical talks at this conference than the number I attended at YAPC::EU and YAPC::NA combined.

2 Responses to “Preparing for YAPC::Asia 2009”

  1. daisuke Says:

    Actually, the Act numbers don’t include invited guests, which is about 50 or so. We’ll also have about 10~20 media guests on top of that, so the final figure should be somewhere around 430 – 450. So with those numbers, we’re still the largest YAPC being held this year 😉

  2. karen Says:

    You look like you’d still be the largest even without the extra people you mentioned 🙂 The numbers at YAPC::NA were down this year. The numbers at YAPC::EU were up but I think they ended up with around 330 people.

    Hope everything is going well!