Technology Fails Me

I haven’t been having a good day. I tried to do something in Facebook this morning and I kept getting an error message telling me that I had to join a high school network as I was under 18. Well, I’m not under 18 and as my correct date of birth is entered into Facebook I’m not sure why it thinks I am either. So, I sent a message to support and gave up trying to send messages via Facebook.

I then thought I would print out the details of my assignments and the papers I was trying to read today as I really don’t like reading PDFs on computer. But I got some sort of error that stopped my web browser from working and made it crash. After much messing around I eventually worked out that my computer can’t see the printer though it does appear to be on and working. So, no printing either.

Then my aggregator crashed.

I then thought I could try to sort out my October travel plans as I am planning on attending the Pittsburgh Perl Workshop but I keep getting error messages telling me that they can’t get a price for my itinerary and that I need to ring a support desk. After this happened with three separate airlines I just get the feeling that I’m not meant to leave Japan.

I’m not quite sure what I should try to do next but I think it will be something that doesn’t involve a computer.