Revenge served cold

There was no way on this earth that Casey West thought he would get away with embarrassing me on the Perl Whirl. As Barbie said Casey really did play his ace card much too soon on the cruise. However, it was more fun watching Casey sweat than it would have been to play another prank.

But I did get my own back. I needed to find something that would embarrass Casey and I needed to make sure that there were other people around to witness it. As Casey and I don’t live on the same continent I knew that I couldn’t be there to witness his embarrassment – but I can live with that. I only had three places to choose from. I immediately ruled out his home because there wouldn’t be enough people there. That left me with his local Perl Mongers meeting or his workplace. I couldn’t really be sure he would be at the Perl Mongers meeting so I went with his work. So, I sent a large bouquet of happy birthday balloons to Casey’s office. And to make it even worse Marty decided that we should add two 40 inch balloons with the numbers 18 on them (and it was late so I went along with him). Just what Casey wanted. To be wished a happy 18th birthday.

Hopefully that will be the end of the birthday jokes and not just the beginning…