Day 2 at YAPC::Europe

It seems that I spent the time before my talk sitting outside the lecture theatre chatting to Leon and Elaine. I always get really nervous before I speak so I was glad of the company. Once I had finished giving my talk I felt much better about the whole conference.

After the break I went to hear Uri speak about writing better Perl code. This was quite an interactive talk with Uri asking the audience lots of questions about what they thought the best way to do something was. I did think that there was going to be an argument over Here Docs but people backed down when they realised the Uri wasn’t going to change his mind about how much he loved these.

I was really looking forward to Marc’s fairy tale talk and as expected it was very enjoyable. I did feel a bit sorry for the non-English speakers in the audience as Marc spoke quite quickly and they probably found him hard to follow. The material was really good and anyone who is about on Monday evening should come and hear him give this talk at

After lunch I avoided Marty’s talk and went to hear Richard talking about Siesta. I didn’t avoid Marty’s talk because I thought it would be bad but because I get really nervous when he speaks. And especially when he is going to attempt to code live before an audience. The Siesta talk was a bit different as decided to play a drinking game and every time Richard said “Siesta” they had to drink a shot of tequila.

I didn’t hear another talk after this as I went back to the hotel to sleep before the speaker’s dinner. The speaker’s dinner was quite enjoyable. I didn’t get to speak to many people due to the layout of the tables but Leon and Dominus gave me some interesting ideas about things to do at next year’s YAPC in Belfast. I don’t know if Leon was completely serious about the dancing girls…