We spent all day today at Disney’s new resort in Japan: Tokyo Disney Sea. I can’t begin to imagine how much works goes into building a resort like this. Every piece of furniture, every plant, every stone was skillfully crafted to blend in with each distinct park theme. I didn’t think that the park had as strong a Disney feel as some of the others but it still had loads of shops selling more Disney paraphernalia than anyone could ever need, a Mermaid Lagoon section based on The Little Mermaid, and an Arabian section themed around Aladdin. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that there were not so many Disney characters present in the park (I think in the 10 hours or so that we were there I only say one Mickey Mouse and one Donald Duck) and sections of the park with themes like “American Waterfront” and “Mediterranean Harbour” didn’t have any obvious disney connection.

One thing that made the day stand out was the excitable and almost child like wonder of the Japenese who found fun in everything.