Khaos Social Meeting

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Last night I managed to drop in to the 10th Anniversary social meeting.  When I planned my trip to YAPC::Europe I hadn’t realised that I would be arriving in London on the same day as that meeting.

It worked out surprisingly well as I was concerned that I would be much too tired to go and see anyone.  But the flight was good and I had arranged to meet up with Dean before going to the meeting as I did think I would be too tired to cope with a whole crowd of people for too long.  It took me longer to find Dean than he expected.  He had probably expected me to have more of an idea of where exactly I was in London.  He also didn’t know that asking me things like “are you on the south side or the north side of the river” may as well have been in a foreign language as I am never going to know the answer to that.  He was lucky I had even noticed that there was a river at all!

I was pleased that I got to catch up with some people who won’t be going to YAPC::Europe this year.