Hospital Again

Friday, May 8th, 2009

I was back at the thyroid hospital last week.  I was a bit worried about the blood tests but the nurse had no problem finding my veins.  As I suspected my hormones still haven’t stabilized and my medication was increased again. The Doctor is hoping that I will start to feel better by mid-summer.

Visiting the Dermatologist

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Yesterday I went to see a dermatologist.  I had been putting this off as I had hoped that my thyroid medication would be working by now and I know my skin will be very dry until this stabilizes.  But since I’d gotten to the stage where any weight on my feet caused me pain I decided not to wait any longer.

I now have a variety of creams to treat my skin with.  I still don’t know exactly what is wrong.  The dermatologist had a book on how to explain skin conditions in English.  She used this to explain that I have eczema on my head.  But she didn’t know how to explain the problem with my feet.  She was able to tell me that it’s not something that can be cured – as my body is attacking itself – but it can be controlled.

Now I need to find something to help with fatigue and sensitivity to cold.

Another Hospital Visit

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Another Saturday morning spent at the Ito Hospital.  The hospital waiting room wasn’t as packed this morning though I arrived a bit later than I wanted to.  Mind you it was only 7 minutes after the hospital opened and today I got to be number 174.

I was really impressed by how quickly they can turn round blood test results.  I had my blood taken at 8.45 and when I got to see the consultant at 10.15 he had the results.  I was surprised by these as, even though I’m now on medication, I’m getting worse instead of better.   So he prescribed more medication.  I’ll need to go back for more tests – not something I’m looking forward to but something that I’m going to need to do regularly for the forseeable future.

I don’t like having blood taken but the nurses at the hospital are very competent.  I wasn’t overly happy, however, with the way they put pressure on the injection puncture once they finished.  At my Doctor’s surgery they use neat little plasters.  At the hospital they used a large wad of gauze and what felt like packing tape.

Too Much Tape

Too Much Tape

Hospital Visit

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

I spent all morning at the Ito Hospital.  It was horrible.  I arrived at 8:00am just as it opened.  It took about 10 minutes for me to register as a patient.  By that stage I was already number 267 on the waiting list.  I went up to the waiting room and managed to find a chair.  I was very lucky as the room, which probably held around 200 people comfortably, was already holding more than 300 patients and whatever family members they had brought with them.  And it got worse.  By 9:00am I reckon there were more than 500 people in that room.  It was getting difficult to see the monitors or to work out how to get through the crowds to reach the examination rooms.

When I finally got to see a doctor he didn’t completely agree with the opinion of the doctor I had seen the day before.  Both agree that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  But they disagree as to how serious my hypothyroidism is.  So I got to wait for another 3 hours to have another ultrasound done.  How different can it be to the one that was done on Wednesday afternoon?

I have to go back on the 10th January for more blood tests, another ultrasound and maybe a biopsy.  On the plus side that’s nearly a whole month without having to see a doctor.