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Thursday, January 21st, 2010

There are times I wish that the world was a smaller place or that I lived closer to the conferences I want to attend.  Getting to Orlando took a long time.  I was flying from Tokyo via Seoul and New York.  The detour to Seoul added about 5 hours to the trip but it did mean that I was able to fly in business class.  I am willing to trade the extra time for the ability to sleep on the plane.   It was a bit horrifying though to fly over Tokyo 10 hours after I had left my apartment that morning.

I also wish that travelling was more pleasant.   To travel you have to be willing to queue for hours and to allow people to go through your luggage.  You have to be prepared to remove your shoes and belts and to let a stranger run their hands over your body.  You have to be pleasant while someone asks you questions about your intentions and takes your picture and finger prints.  And you have to be prepared to put up with whatever silly security precaution the airports are going to run with next.

The new procedures for flying into America seemed pointless to me.  All my hand luggage had been x-rayed so I don’t know what they expected to find by opening up my handbag and having a quick glance inside.

Thankfully, Perl Oasis was an excellent conference and worth the time spent travelling.

I attend a lot of conferences and I’m always on the look out for the things that improve the attendees experience.  At this conference I loved the basket of travel accessories that was at the registration desk.  The organisers had put together the sorts of things that people forget to bring with them and were giving them away for free.  It’s a lovely idea and I took a packet of anti-histamine tablets as I keep forgetting the air conditioners in hotels drive my sinuses mad.

Essential Items

Essential Items

Time to Travel

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

After being home for just over two weeks it’s time to travel again.  Perl Oasis takes place this weekend in Orlando.  It’s smaller than most of the other conferences I attend and I’m glad.  It’s much easier to get to know people in a small group.  I’m looking forward to hearing Miyagawa talk on Plack, and Matt talking on trolls and mountains

Marty is also talking but I am never sure how I feel about that.  He may be amazing or he may decide he wants to insult every member of the audience, who knows?  But I suppose if nothing else he won’t be boring.

And the thing that amuses me most about the conference?  At the minute the Perl Mongers group with the most confirmed attendees is the Japanese group