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OSDC Australia: Gifts for Speakers

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

I have never been given a gift for speaking at a technical conference before but at OSDC Australia all the speakers were given a bottle of wine.  It was lovely to be thanked.  The name of the wine also amused me but no-one involved in choosing the gift would have known about my childhood nickname.

White Wine

White Wine

OSDC Australia: Keynote

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Last Wednesday was the first time I ever gave a keynote at a conference.  I have been the first speaker at a conference before, but those talks were called something else so I’m not going to count them.   As always I was really nervous before I spoke.  It doesn’t matter if my talk is a keynote or not, if the audience contains 20 people or 2,000, I always feel this way.

The talk I gave, Understanding Volunteers,  was a variant on one I had given at YAPC::EU and YAPC::NA earlier this year.  The new version is longer.  I added additional material on the need to belong and made sure I had examples of a variety of different Open Source communities.  I was able to keep in most of my Perl community examples and I imagine I would be forgiven if there was a bit of a Perl community focus.  I am, after all, the Vice-President of The Perl Foundation.