Cool Summer

I appear to be in Northern Ireland at the a similar time to when I was here last year. And just like last year summer is a cold and wet affair. Today we had a high of 14 C (57F). Last year I posted a picture of my Mum’s forlorn washing and looking out the window today nothing much has changed.

Different clothes, same problem.

Different clothes, same problem.

I do love how summer smells here, the flowers and the wet grass reminding me of my childhood. I’m also enjoying the spring-like weather, as I had enough summer in Orlando and New York. I have quite a few things planned for my short trip so hopefully I still like the weather when I have to walk around in it.

2 Responses to “Cool Summer”

  1. Christine Bailie Says:

    This must be the worst washing line in history.. how do they actually dry?

  2. karen Says:

    I have no idea… I doubt they actually dry on the line 🙂