Gabor wrote an interesting post on why he blogs.  I blog in a number of different places with a different goal in mind.  This is my personal blog, and the biggest reader is probably myself.  I have been blogging here for nearly 14 years, and I periodically re-read my posts as I want to be reminded of the things that I did in the past.  I have found it to be an excellent way to journal the aspects of my life that I’m willing to make public.  Once I realised that I did post for myself I decided that each post didn’t need to be something that made a meaningful statement.  The thought of having to write meaningful things was stopping me from writing any things as I’m rather critical when it comes to my own writing.  I do write about some of the projects I’m involved with, but since those are tagged, people who are interested in those can ignore my personal posts.

At times I post simply to let my friends and family know that I’m still fine and getting on with my life.  Living so far away from many of the people I know isn’t easy, and it’s difficult to stay in touch.  I know that writing a blog post is a poor substitute for personal communication, but it’s better than no communication.  I wish that more of my friends and acquaintances with blogs posted more frequently.  I am aware that many of them don’t write because they feel they have nothing to say, but I don’t need them to be profound.

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