After years of problems with my ankle joints and calf muscles I decided it was finally time to go and see a physiotherapist.  I have pain in my muscles every day and it’s getting harder to ignore this at night.  I made a half-hearted attempt to do something about this years ago when I was at university but all I can remember is the horror I felt at the suggestion of corrective surgery and the pain I felt after trying the stretching exercises.

Today I got to feel bliss caused by someone who knows what they are doing massaging my aching muscles.  To have no pain in my calf muscles was such a strange sensation.  I was taught a number of stretching exercises and given a program to follow which was also sent to me in email complete with video instruction.  It turns out I don’t walk correctly when on my toes or my flat feet, but first I need to lengthen my muscles, learn how to stand correctly, and then work on my walking.  This could take a while.

I also managed to squat in the proper form with my feet on the floor, something I thought was impossible.  This was done using a swiss ball and was a great way to show me that the problem is not in my knees.  It was a very good use of an hour and something I should have done a long time ago.

One Response to “Physiotherapy”

  1. Tommy Anderson Says:

    You must be glad you took professional physio advice. So many people are reluctant to see a physiotherapist as we have the NHS, but when something like this affects sleep, day to day life, they’re worth it!