YAPC::Asia – Tokyo 2012

I have just bought a ticket to YAPC::Asia which is taking place in Tokyo from the 27th to the 29th of September.  I would suggest that if you want to attend that you buy your ticket as soon as possible.  Last year, I completely forget to do this and had to write to the organisers and ask for a ticket after the conference had sold out.  And since it sells out every year, I imagine that it will sell out this year too.

4 Responses to “YAPC::Asia – Tokyo 2012”

  1. Anthony L Says:

    I was just about to grab a ticket. I haven’t been before.

    I will be over for business and managed to stretch the trip to cover the dates as well (and the Grand Prix dates as well! woohoo!).

    The website doesn’t mention anything about socials or meetups (although, my Japanese is spotty at best). Is it a lot less of a social occasion over there, unlike YAPC Europe?

  2. karen Says:

    It is less social than YAPC::EU or YAPC::NA. There isn’t the same emphasis on social meetups, and the hallway track doesn’t exist in quite the same way.

    Groups of people will go out for dinner together. We usually do something in the evenings of the two main conference days and you’ll be welcome to join us.

  3. Anthony L Says:

    I see, that’s a shame. It sounds like it will be an interesting experience nonetheless.

    That’s a very kind offer! Thank you, I would love to.
    Hmm, what is the best way to contact you? Email? Google Talk? or should I maybe just look for you on the day?

  4. karen Says:

    You can email me. My email is karen at

    Or you can look for me on the day, I shouldn’t be too hard to find as there won’t be that many non-Japanese women at the venue.