Singing Practice

I have a family event to sing at soon, and my voice won’t behave.  As well as being out of practice I have a cold that makes me sound nasally.  I have been using vocal exercises to try to strengthen the lower end of my range but I got bored singing “ne-aw” and “me-may-ma-moo” and decided to use one verse of Summertime as an exercise instead.  That way I got to sound less like a donkey, or at least I hope I do.

Summertime Practice

2 Responses to “Singing Practice”

  1. Norwin Says:

    I hope your singing of summertime brings better weather, as well as a better voice. Though for a moment I thought you were practising with nee-naw above, and I wondered how fire-engine noises helped.

  2. karen Says:

    I wish I knew an exercise that would allow me to sing with a chest infection. But alas, it seems I’m going to have to stop singing for a while.

    Fire engine noises may actually help as “naw” as a sound is as useful as “ne”. Now you have me wondering if any of my written down exercises actually have these two sounds one after the other 🙂