Boxes, boxes, every where…

We have visitors arriving this week and for the first time this year we are planning on using two guest rooms.  We have a guest bedroom which shouldn’t take much sorting out.   The other room isn’t actually a guest room.  It’s my study and it contains my electronic piano, bookcases, and my desk. The last time I decided to use the printer I had to attempt to find a path through the surprisingly large piles of stuff that’s managed to accumulate in there during the year.  I hate that and love the thought of having an apartment where you could open any door without worrying about the lurking mess that’s waiting to embarrass you in front of your friends, but I don’t appear to have found a way to transfer my thoughts into actions.

I did peek in last week and the room has been breeding boxes.  I don’t use the room that often and when I do it’s mostly to play the piano.  Given how little space I actually need to do that the room ends up being used as a dumping ground for boxes and other items that need to be recycled.  We really do mean to recycle the cardboard once a month but the door to the room stays closed and the boxes get to stay for another while.  I love the convenience of being able to buy things like bottled water and rice online, but it really does use an alarming amount of packaging.  Mind you, instead of writing about the packaging I should really go and start recycling.


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