Mini Cupcakes

I don’t know much about pumpkins and squash.  (I can’t even work out if the plural of squash should be squashes.) Today I saw a vegetable in the supermarket called “kabocha” that looked like a pumpkin.  It was cut into pieces and had dark green skin with a bright orange centre.  I have a recipe for mini chocolate cupcakes that is supposed to be made with butternut squash.  I was fairly sure that “kabocha” wasn’t a butternut squash but I bought it anyway as I imagined that I could make the cupcakes even if the squash was different.

The cakes are moist and the change of squash hasn’t caused a problem.  They are a little too bitter and I think that next time I need to use chocolate the isn’t quite as dark.  I also need to even out the cakes before I put them in the oven as they came out in odd shapes.  I was expecting them to melt and become smooth, but I was wrong.

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes

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