Another Night, Another Quake

After hundreds of aftershocks you get numb.  I still feel the building move, because I’m on the 24th floor of a high-rise apartment.  I still feel queasy, because I appear to suffer from motion sickness.  But the aftershock tonight made me jump right out of my chair.  There was loud bang which sounded as if someone had thumped the window.  The building started to move and my stomach started to flip.

We were still able to move around and we opened up the doors and I moved to the hall.  We have emergency kits and helmets there and I would like to be close to the exit.  The emergency kits contain a blanket, water, glow sticks, some odd looking food rations, a whistle, a map, and gloves.  I wondered about the gloves but I was told that they were to protect my hands from glass.

Thankfully we didn’t need to leave the apartment, but tonight I am truly fed up with the building shaking.  I am also very aware that we have been incredibly fortunate.

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