Dental Visit

I was a bit worried about going to the dentist this morning.  I was only going for my six-monthly check-up and clean but I was concerned that they are going to hurt me with a sharp pointy drill thing. The dentist surgery is beautiful and they do their best to make you feel comfortable, going as far as putting a blanket over my legs when I was lying on the chair.  If it wasn’t for the strange cleaning implements it would feel more like a spa than a dental surgery.

The cleaning wasn’t as gentle as promised, as the pointy thing slipped and hit my gum at some point, but it wasn’t terrible.  It all sounds worse than it feels.

2 Responses to “Dental Visit”

  1. Andrew Noble Says:

    Not a fan of dentists myself – although I did take it to extremes – Had my first visit this year for 23+ years.

    visit resulted in 7 fillings and a clean but it wasn’t quite as bad as I remembered – my new dentist wasn’t a sadist like the last one.

    Every time I think of dentists I tend to be reminded of Steve Martin in the 80’s remake of Little shop of horrors!

  2. karen Says:

    Oh my that’s a long time to not have been to a dentist!

    I wore braces as a child and had an operation to remove 4 teeth as my mouth was too small. This meant going to the dentists every two months for nearly 3 years – no fun at all. After that I didn’t go to the dentist for quite some time. But I’m trying to be good now and go every 6 months. I only have one filling and want to keep it that way.