Baking a Cake

“Bake a cake”, he said,  “It’ll be fun”.  It’s been years since I tried to bake a cake and I’d forgotten how much time it can take.  I used to make chocolate cakes, but I really don’t want all those extra calories in the house, so I decided to make something less fattening.

But before you can make a cake you need to shop for the ingredients.  It’s difficult to find the correct ingredients here.  I have been told that they don’t sell self raising flour in Japan.  This can be made from plain flour and baking soda but it adds an extra mixing and sieving phase when trying to get the baking soda evenly mixed through the flour.  I think I found the right type of sugar, but if nothing else it was the right colour.  Good fruit though is easy to buy, if a bit expensive.

After sieving and mixing the salt, flour, baking soda, and cinnamon I had to prepare the fruit.  I don’t appear to be very good at grating things.  The carrot was too hard and seemed to take forever, the apple was too mushy and I nearly put my hand through the grater.  The orange peel was the only thing that seemed to grate in the way I was expecting. The raisins were no problem at all as all I needed to do was weigh them.  The sugar needed mixed with oil and orange juice, which should have been easy, but I managed to squirt orange juice all over myself and the floor.

The cake didn’t look great before I put it in the oven, probably something to do with the carrots and raisins, but it did smell amazing.  Now that it’s out of the oven it looks fine.

Carrot, Apple, and Raisin Cake

Carrot, Apple, and Raisin Cake

Actually it tastes fine too.  Not sure I would describe the process as fun but I would make this again.

4 Responses to “Baking a Cake”

  1. Jessica Marie Says:

    It looks delicious, even if carrots gross me out. I would give it a try. I’m sure Chastity is proud.

  2. karen Says:

    The carrot wasn’t noticeable in the cake as it also had orange, apple, and raisins. But I believe it was the carrot that helped it be so moist.

    Marty took it with him to work this morning, so at least I know he liked it 🙂

  3. Chastity Says:

    I’m very proud! Also proud of Jessica’s willingness to try it, carrots be damned! 😉 I’d love this recipe. It sounds delicious.

  4. karen Says:

    I’ll have to look it out for you. I’ve been buying new recipes books and now I can’t remember where I put them!