Oven Cooking

We bought an oven.   I was a bit concerned when I finally managed to translate the instructions.  The maximum time setting is 90 minutes.  I have memories of cooking things for much longer than that.  I then thought it might be a fan assisted oven, which significantly reduces cooking time, but it’s not.  I gave the booklet to my Japanese teacher in case I had misunderstood and that there was a way to use it without setting the timer.  She looked at me and asked what on earth I would be cooking that would take longer than 90 minutes.

The oven isn’t very big.  It is a 31 Litre oven, which means absolutely nothing to me.  It’s not like I’m planning on filling it with bottles of mineral water, or that you can completely fill an entire oven and still use it.  But after staring into it for a while I realised I wouldn’t be able to cook a whole turkey in it.  I might not even be able to fit some turkey crowns in it.  I actually can’t think of anything that would fit in it that’s going to take more than 90 minutes to cook.  My memories are all of large roasts and turkeys.  Things that are meant to feed 10 people coming for dinner.  Here I spend most of my time cooking for two.  Sometimes, we get really wild and I cook for four.

I just cooked a Shepherd’s Pie and I’m incredibly happy.

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