Tsunami Warning

I think this is the first time there has been a tsunami warning for Tokyo since I moved to Japan.  Every Japanese T.V. channel is showing some sort of warning.  Some stations have subtle little wave images at the top of the screen and others, like NHK, have the screen dominated by a flashing map of the country highlighting the problematic areas.

The advisories state that they are expecting a wave of up to 2 metres to hit Tokyo bay and that people should evacuate the seashore.  We are going to stay at home today and we don’t expect the tsunami to cause us any problems.  We will, however, still pay attention to the advisories in case anything changes.

2 Responses to “Tsunami Warning”

  1. Jessica Marie Says:

    One of my friends who goes to college in Hawaii is very upset that the waves will be so small, and that she won’t be able to see the water sucked out of the bays just before the waves hit. Bizarre. I’m glad you’re not in danger.

  2. karen Says:

    Tsunami can be incredibly destructive and I’m glad that the closest I got was watching it on the T.V.

    Some of my family think I’m mad living in country prone to natural disasters. I pointed out that they live in a country prone to terrorists. The world is just mad.