Food, Glorious Food

Eating in America often seems to be about quantity.  I have been told that people expect large portions but if there is too much food on my plate I lose my appetite.  I think part of the problem comes from my childhood where I was told that I needed to eat everything that was put on my plate.  Knowing before I start eating that I’m never going to finish makes me reluctant to start.

Last night we went to the Palm Restaurant in TriBeCa.  The quality of the food was really good and I did order the smallest steak – though at 9oz it was still a bit big for me.  But it was the size of the dessert that horrified me.  Thankfully they brought it on a separate plate with a large knife making it look as if they didn’t really expect me to eat it all.  It tasted amazing but I brought most of it back to the hotel with me in a box.

I still have at least half of the cake.  I did eat some of it after lunch but I probably won’t be able to finish it all.  I hate the waste and I have wasted so much food in the past week.  I left half of my lunch today and we are now trying to work out what to do with the remains of the our carry-out dinner.  We got one meal between the two of us but Marty ordered soup as a starter and ended up with about a litre of it.   We don’t have a fridge in our room so most of it will end up down the sink.  And the phrase “waste not, want not” keeps running through my head.

4 Responses to “Food, Glorious Food”

  1. Jessica Marie Says:

    I’ve been told I’m a ‘cheap date’ because I always order the smallest portions available. It can get pretty bad. Hans, however, sees the large portions as a challenge…

  2. karen Says:

    I have been looking for the smallest things on the menu or at eating starters as a main course. Today we decided to eat breakfast and dinner and skip lunch as that made it easier to eat dinner.

  3. christine bailie Says:

    Yes,I to remember as a child being told to finish everything that was on my plate and now for some reason I think it is highly bad mannered if I don’t.
    I can never understand why people order food and not finish it. I would only ever take what I know I can eat. which is usually quite alot.

  4. karen Says:

    Well, the problem in America is that you order something like the “steak special” and it ends up being 24oz(one and half pounds), which is enough steak to easily feed a whole family.

    I even managed to order too much food here at chains that I have eaten at the U.K. simply because a medium sized American pizza is much bigger than a medium sized U.K pizza. For example I was out for lunch with friends yesterday and pizza that was on the menu for children turned out to be 10 inches! I would have had difficulty finishing that for lunch and the 3 year old hadn’t a hope of eating it.