Conversation Error

I survived three hours of Japanese conversation classes on Saturday.  I wasn’t particularly good at this but I wasn’t completely terrible either.  My favourite mistake was:

Teacher: Have you ever had the experience of being on a diet?

Me: Yes, I have.

Teacher: Why did you do this?

Me: Because I wanted to get shorter.

Which explains why the only people shorter than me in my family are under the age of 10.

4 Responses to “Conversation Error”

  1. Jessica Marie Says:

    If only eating awful food would make me taller, I would be able to reach the top shelves in my kitchen. I can dream. How is your height compared to the Japanese people you encounter?

  2. karen Says:

    Depending on whose statistics you believe I am just below average height in Japan. I am, however, shorter than all our Japanese friends. I do still see elderly women when I’m out shopping who only come up to my shoulders and some very small elderly men.

    On the other hand I see lots of Japanese school girls who are much taller than me.

    I do think it’s easier being short here as I can easily blend in with a crowd. I have a sister who is 5″9 and she looked really tall when she came to visit. But then she looks really tall in Ireland as well.

  3. Christine Hunter Says:

    hehehe that was so funny…

  4. karen Says:

    I have another class tomorrow. Who knows what ridiculous things I will say at that one.