Time to Study

I need to start studying Japanese again.  I haven’t had that many lessons in the past couple of months but that’s about to change.  I have an exam in December. This isn’t something I want to do but Marty got the application form and filled  it in for me.  My Japanese teacher also thinks it’s a good idea but I’m not convinced.  I only know 50% of the vocabulary and about 60% of the kanji.  I have been too frightened to even look at the required grammar list.  The pass mark for the exam is around 65% and I would fail if I had to sit this tomorrow.  I wish I found it easier to learn Japanese.

2 Responses to “Time to Study”

  1. Shawn M Moore Says:

    Good luck!

    I assume this is the JLPT. Which level are you taking?

  2. karen Says:

    Thank you. I’m taking level 3.

    I’ve spent hours today trying to match my teacher’s two kanji lists. I really wish she had a real JLPT list. I live in the land of technology and my teacher gives me photocopied print-outs. I’ve started to go cross-eyed trying to match the stupid things.