Muscle Aches

I wake up everyday to stiff and achy muscles.  The variety in my exercise program does lead to variety in my achiness.

At the start of the program, two weeks ago, I got out a measuring tape.  It’s a horrifying experience (who wants to know how fat they really are) but at least now I know that after two weeks my waist is 5 centimetres smaller.

4 Responses to “Muscle Aches”

  1. Chastity Says:

    Wow, Karen. Sorry about the aches, but at least you know you earned them!

    Congrats on the centimeters lost! That’s fantastic. I’m sure it feels great to make progress. I have to admit that I desperately want to lose about 10 pounds over the next month, but I have no motivation or will-power to stick with it.

    How do you make yourself kick your own butt everyday?

  2. karen Says:

    I know that if I don’t do something that I will continue to gain weight. In January, when my hormones were really out of balance, I started to gain about 2 pounds a week. That’s a frightening trend.

    When I went to Australia none of the clothes I bought last summer fitted me – that annoyed me.

    I think I also got fed up with reading about how hard it is for someone with my condition to lose weight or exercise. Sure it’s hard – but how many worthwhile things aren’t?

    Now I set targets and record what I eat and how much exercise I’ve done. Makes it much more likely that I’ll stick with it.

  3. Norwin Says:

    I’m no expert, but that sounds like a lot.
    Good work – but don’t overdo it!

  4. karen Says:

    I haven’t been overdoing it. Actually I’m not really strong enough to overdo it even if I wanted to.

    Went out cycling today. Beautiful outside but maybe a bit on the hot side.