Behind on my 101 List

Between travelling and illness I am behind with my 101 todo list.  I decided today to move the end date as I know that if I get too far behind I will find the list depressing instead of motivating.

I’ve completed some tasks since I last blogged about this.  I took a trip to Australia, went to a non-Perl conference, and bought a new pair of walking shoes.  I really loved my old brown walking shoes but they were a mess.  Mishapen and scruffy it was time for them to go in the bin.  My news ones are really comfortable but I don’t love them.

Hopefully May works out better than April.

2 Responses to “Behind on my 101 List”

  1. Norwin Says:

    Not all love is love at first sight.
    You just need to spend some time in them, and have some adventures in them. The love will come 😉

  2. karen Says:

    Oh more than likely. And in a few years from now when they are falling apart I won’t want to part with them.