Winter Weather

I’ve been disappointed by the lack of winter weather in Tokyo.  My friends, who don’t live anywhere near me, keep talking about snow.  I would like to see some snow.  It was snowing briefly when I was in Northern Ireland but rushing through some wet slushy snow when walking to an airplane didn’t really count.  I want to spend time looking at snow and taking pictures of the world when it goes white.

The weather in Tokyo has been mild but it’s not overly warm inside today.  I have goosebumps on my arms as I write.  I should probably put the air heater on but I much prefer the underfloor heating.  Pity I can’t type and warm my arms up on the floor at the same time.

There has been a lot of noise today because of the gale in Tokyo.  In Northern Ireland we used to live in an old house and the wind could actually sound as if it was howling – very Gothic horror movie.  Here the wind sounds like a fan blowing.  Probably because the wind is coming in through the kitchen fan and the air vents.  For whatever reason I find the noise here much more irritating and keep glancing at the kitchen and wondering why we haven’t turned the fan off.  Hopefully the wind dies down soon.

Next weekend we are going to go and look for snow.

Apartment View towards Fuji

Apartment View towards Fuji

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