Christmas Food

A couple of weeks ago one of my friends sent me a thank you gift that contained packets of Maltesers.  Since moving to Japan I have started to crave these little chocolate honeycomb balls.  Marty also loves Maltesers so they disappeared much too quickly.

Not surprisingly Maltesers aren’t the only thing I miss eating in Japan.  As a Christmas treat I ordered us some food from one of the online British food stores.  It’s expensive to do this, because of the postage costs, but I really wanted a traditional Christmas pudding, cake, and mince pies. In my last order I decided to get some Maltesers.  I must not have been paying enough attention at the time because I made a bit of a mistake.  Today I received 16 boxes of Maltesers. Anyone fancy a game of Malteser Jenga?

Maltesers Stacked on the Table

Maltesers Stacked on the Table

3 Responses to “Christmas Food”

  1. Chastity Says:

    That sounds like something that would happen to me! Also, at some point, you need to tell me about all these traditional Christmas foods (mince pies, puddings, etc) because these are the things that live in my imagination of a perfectly traditional Christmas thanks to Dickens (but American traditional foods seem to be a lot different than British ones) and I apparently have a hankering to do Christmas British style.

  2. Simon Says:

    Have you discovered ?

  3. karen Says:

    I knew about it but I have never used it. Mainly because they don’t sell some of the traditional British stuff that I would like to eat.

    I’ll have to take another look at it though.