Shopping in Tokyo

We have had lots of people stay with us this year and most of them have enjoyed shopping in Tokyo.  Norwin, who is with us at the minute, went out shopping today.  I must admit that I was expecting him to buy some sort of electronic gadget or maybe another godzilla toy.  I wasn’t expecting the hat…

Norwin and his hat

The Joker

4 Responses to “Shopping in Tokyo”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! What a great hat!

  2. Alan in Belfast Says:

    Just want to point out that Anonymous may well = Norwin!

    Is the Joker card detachable – and will it be like a scene from Goldfinger when you (playing Oddjob) fling your hat across the office and onto the hatstand on your return?

  3. Geoff! Says:

    How very Norwin! I look forward to seeing attempts to fling it onto a hatstand at work. I salute you – you truly are Macadamia… “King of Nuts”!

  4. Norwin Says:

    All this unseemly jealousy is very unseemly.