My Computers Hate Me

I am writing this post using Internet Explorer on a Windows machine.  My MacBook has died – Marty thinks that the hard disc has gone – and the latest Firefox updates have broken Firefox on my PC. 

5 Responses to “My Computers Hate Me”

  1. Jonathan Hollin Says:

    Oh no – reduced to using Windows. I feel so, so sorry for you. If my Mac ever dies then I’ll try to get an abacus online before I use Windoze.

    Poor you. 🙂

  2. Norwin Says:

    Ouch – that sucks!
    But welcome back to the real world 😉

  3. Geoff! Says:

    That’s a bummer! Don’t worry, Uncle Steve still loves you! 🙂 Now, where’s me iPhone 3G…
    Can you boot from the install CD?

  4. karen Says:

    Still don’t have a working Mac. Can’t believe how much I miss that laptop.

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