YAPC::Asia – Morning, Day 2

I haven’t finished writing up Day 1 of YAPC::Asia. Instead of blogging I spent last night eating, watching “The IT Crowd”, and chatting about all sorts of things from tree booze to local temples.

Even though we stayed up much too late Marty and I did manage to get here on time for the start of the staff meeting this morning. I was glad about this as I hate to be late and it means that we have an assigned task for today – we are going to keep time in the DeNA room. This means that I will probably hear more talks at this YAPC than I have at the last few I have been to.

At the YAPC::Europe and YAPC::NA conferences last year I spent quite a bit of time sitting around chatting to people and not actually attending that many talks. But here in Tokyo, even if I wanted to do that, it doesn’t seem to happen quite as much. And I have heard no-one talk about a bar track (not that I want to attend one).

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